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What We do

We are Creative Thinkers

A small group of creative thinkers and social media nerds. We began our story in the early days of the social media craze. We pride ourselves with understanding the fundamental building blocks of internet networking and social media marketing that have opened up gates of opportunity to reach larger audiences. This is why we specialize in setting up the key elements that pursue growth and sustainability that enable your business to gain the results you need.

Our mission at Linked systems is to drive more traffic and leads for small business start-ups through Facebook and Instagram. Like any small business, its always challenging to keep the flow of leads consistent, and thats where Linked systems utilize targeted strategies that increase leads to your business. The Ad campaigns drive the specific audience searching for your specific product or service to your business. These key strategies will give your business the competitive edge!

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What We Do

Our experts at Linked Systems have the skill sets to develop an engaging social media presence for your business through targeted and localised campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Your business can reach millions of people with Ads on Facebook and Instagram, thats why at Linked Systems, we have a strategy to bring your business the target audience searching for your product or service, so you get real leads that become sales.

How it Works

Ad Campaigns

We create 'Always on' Ad Campaigns, leveraging content and media to propel your Ad Campaign and give you the competitive edge. Ad variations to direct traffic to your selected web page, App, Messenger or WhatsApp

Pixel Tracking

Part of understanding how the digital world works, Linked Systems use an effective retargeting strategy to increase sales and lead generation results by retargeting successful audiences of previous Ad campaigns. This keeps a consistent lead flow and allows for creating new leads out of successful focused audiences for particular Ad Campaigns.

Detailed Targeting

We target specific audience groups that are filtered granually by age agroups, gender as well as language. We also target specific demographics including streets, suburbs or geographical pinpoints – impressive stuff! We then focus on driving the traffic to where you want the traffic to go, whether it be on your website, Facebook messenger or to a particular App.

Optimization & Cost Control

We know what works well and our low cost monthly subscription will not only drive more traffic and leads your way, but will be managed and executed to reduce the costs associated with the key drivers of the Ad to ensure a high success rate optimized for Ad delivery. At Linked Systems we have built a strategy that reduces cost of the Ad Campaigns whilst maintaining a highly visible and smart marketing strategy.

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How it Works

Our packages are simple and put together to match your business needs. The Starter Pack will get your Ad Campaign up and running quickly on Facebook and Instagram.

Increase Traffic

An increased flow of traffic and leads will head your way with up to 2 Ad variations, with the recommended monthly Facebook optimized budget.


For a broader and more intensive Ad campaign, you can choose to have the Professional Pack where you have 3 Ad Campaigns for diverse product marketing utilising pixel targeting

Flow of Leads

Linked Systems' Digital team will keep your Ad campaign always on with the below subscriptions, keeping a consistent flow of leads heading your way every month.

Starter Business Pack
    • $49/month

  • Facebook Only
  • *$10/month FB Credit
  • Always on Campaigns
  • Local Targeting
  • No Lock-in Contracts
  • 1 Targeting Option
  • Real-time Budget Optimisation
  • 2 Ad Variations
  • Raise Brand Recognition
  • Personal Reporting Dashboard
  • Anytime support
  • Drive Website Visits
Professional Business Pack
  • $69/month

  • Facebook & Instagram
  • *$20/month FB Credit
  • Always on Campaigns
  • Local Targeting
  • No Lock-in Contracts
  • 2 Targeting Option
  • Real-time Budget Optimisation
  • 3 Ad Variations
  • Raise Brand Recognition
  • Personal Reporting Dashboard
  • Drive Website Visits
  • Call to Action Variations
  • Facebook Page Creation
  • Custom Ad Creation
  • Pixel Targeting